Perfection Through Silence

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j u s t     b e c a u s e . .

I'm quiet doesn't mean I don't have alot to say.
I appear to be happy doesnt mean everythings okay.
I'm sarcastic doesnt mean I dont take things seriously.
I forgive doesnt mean I forget.
I dont listen to your problems doesnt mean I dont care.
I'm gullible doesnt mean I can be cheated.
I'm stubborn doesnt mean I'm not easy-going.
I dont study doesnt mean I'm stupid.
I don't show my feelings doesnt mean I dont have any.



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~17 Jahre alt


~Punk / Rock









I'm at the crossroads waiting for a sign
My life is standing still, but I'm still alive
Every night I think I know
In the morning where did he go
The answers disappear when I open my eyes

I'm no stranger to this place
Where real life and dreams collide
And even though I fall from grace
I will keep the dream alive










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